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Fans waiting for a GTA6 announcement this week are going to be in for a lot of disappointment; there will most likely be no new Grand Theft Auto game announced at E3 this week and Rockstar is still focused on supporting Grand Theft Auto V with regular updates for the online mode.

According to rumors the next GTA game will be released in 2018 which also fits the regular release timeline for the series. There is also debate about where the next game will take place, there was some strong evidence that a new game would be based in Tokyo, Japan due to the developer sending people to research the location however the project was cancelled.

In a previous interview, the president of Take-Two Interactive commented that Rockstar did not want to release a new instalment for their franchises every year; instead, the team wants to focus on quality.

If Rockstar is to announce a new game at E3 this year, it will most likely be Red Dead Redemption 2 or potentially a remastered version of Red Dead Redemption.