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A few weeks ago, Google has released an Android naming page which allowed users to give suggestions regarding the name of the upcoming Android N OS. Well, it seems that this webpage has just been closed and it doesn’t accept suggestions anymore, but Google has officially announced on Twitter that the name of the upcoming Android N will be announced in a “few weeks”.

However, keep in mind that this timeline on Twitter is already a few weeks old, which means that the Android N official name will most likely be announced sometime before the end of June or at the beginning of July. We remind you that Android N Developer Edition 3 was released almost a month ago and can be tested on several Nexus devices.

Unfortunately, we don’t have more clues about the name of the upcoming Android N, but there have been some rumors saying that the Android N could be named “Nougat”. While the letter N in the current name may be give lots of ideas to the people, we think that this suggestion might not be too far from the name that Google will choose.

However, we are pretty sure that Google has lots of suggestions from a good amount of people and they will choose a good name for their upcoming mobile operating system that will be released sometime this fall. Other suggested names for the upcoming Android N are: Nacho, Naan and Noodles.

We are pretty sure that Google will make a good decision and it will bring a “sweet” name that will please us. However, until then we can guess which name Google will use for its Android N.

Do you think that Google will use Nougat name for the upcoming Android N? Please leave us a comment below about the name which you think that Google will use for the upcoming operating system.