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A while ago, Facebook has introduced the option to send SMS text messages from the messenger application, and just when users were getting used to this feature, it suddenly vanished. Apparently, Facebook has decided to give it another try, and it lets Android users to enjoy SMS support to Messenger, and maybe this time, the feature will remain.

David Marcus, the VP of Messaging Products at Facebook, talked about the SMS integration and he said that it’s pretty robust, as it allows users to send voice clips, stickers and even to share their location. This feature was tested a few months ago in the Messenger app for Android and now it’s officially live, but it’s optional, and if you want to enable it, you’ll go to Settings and select “SMS”, then choose “Default SMS app.”

So, from now on, when you send and receive text messages, your SMS conversations will be found on the Messenger app, but in order to differentiate them from the normal conversations, they will be shown in purple color, while the default messages will be blue.

Facebook wanted to specify that these conversations won’t be stored on its servers, so users mustn’t have a reason to be afraid of. However, they will be charged for sending text messages, but the tariff is minuscule and it depends from a mobile network operator to another.

Unfortunately, iPhone users can’t benefit from this feature yet because of the limitations of iOS and it’s not sure when Facebook will be able to SMS integration for this platform. In order to send and receive text messages on Facebook Messenger, users must download the latest version of the application from the Google Play store.

On the other hand, Facebook has eliminated Chat in the main app two years ago, forcing users to download the Messenger app, and now, the company has notified Facebook Messenger users to download Moments app, because their user-synced photos will be deleted by July 7.