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EA is known for publishing games such as Mass Effect, Battlefield, Star Wars or FIFA and soon, it will release a new title with a lot of potential, which is simply called “Fe”. The game was announced on June 12 at the pre-E3 event and it’s the product of collaboration with Zoink Games, a small group of developers who caught EA’s attention in its program called EA Originals.

EA is optimistic, otherwise it wouldn’t get involved with small developers and fund their projects. The publisher has launched a new program to identify potential collaborators and Zoink Games caught its attention. The game that will be created by this small group of developers and published by EA will be called “Fe” – the abbreviation for iron on the periodic table, but the title has nothing to do with metals, as it’s about an animal that wakes up in a dark and creepy forest.

The problem is that the animal doesn’t remember anything that happened before it arrived in the forest and it will try to find its identity. Trees are connected though their own musical language, and animals and plants communicate to each other through their own songs, and if the player will learn them, he will help the animal to discover new areas in the forest. But there are evil creatures out there that must be avoided, because their intentions will get the poor animal into trouble.

“The game won’t tell you where to go, what to do or how to think. We will set the stage and invite you into the forest for your own personal experience. In the forest, your discoveries will be your own,” said Klaus Lyngeled, the creative director at Zoink Games, an indie team of around 20 people based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The release date of “Fe” hasn’t been specified, but you can watch the gameplay video below: