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Bethesda is one of the publishers who attend Electronic Entertainment Expo, the annual video game conference and show that takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The company has made many announcements and one of them is related to “Quake Champions”, a remake of the famous classic game. Bethesda has even revealed a trailer of the e-sports-oriented multiplayer game created by Id Studio.

Many fans of the original series will be happy to hear about Quake’s reboot and Id Studio director Tim Willits, one of the co-designers, has specified that “Quake Champions” will be a high-speed multiplayer-focused game. Willits said that “The game is designed for world class e-sports play at any level,” adding that the developer company will give more details at the upcoming QuakeCon, which will take place in August, in Dallas.

Shooter classics had a big success and many nostalgic fans never thought they will play Quake again. But Id Studio has decided to bring a rebooted version of the legendary game, which will be available on PC, as Bethesda hasn’t said anything about a console variant. Quake Champions will be enjoyed by gamers with VR-ready gigs and the game will run 120 Hz with unlocked frame rate support.

Id Studio will keep the core of the original game, staying away from the standard multiplayer arena shooter experience, but the developer will give players the possibility to choose from the multitude of characters, opting for the champion that’s more suitable for their play style.

In the introduction, we’ve told you that Bethesda has released a trailer for Quake Champions, so here it is:

You can notice that some characters have special powers, such as X-ray vision or the ability to teleport. Many of the weapons are familiar, so you’ll recognize the Rocket Launcher, Rail Gun and Thunderbolt. “It’s important […] that Quake Champions remains true to the Quake legacy, and delivers the speed and gameplay our longtime fans expect,” has added Willits.

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