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This year, Apple redefined their software in a number of ways. There are incremental updates everywhere – from the operating system for the iPhone, MacBook as well as the Watch and TV. Siri and iMessage have also been revolutionized – and we are summing up the biggest announcements from the event.

OS X Is Now A History

There is a new name for Apple’s operating system on computers. It’s called macOS and the iteration is called Sierra. The public beta will be available for users in July with the final version coming in the fall – probably when the new line of MacBooks will be released.

Siri Is Now Your Desktop Friend

Yay! Siri has finally made it to our desktop screen. In the brand new macOS, Siri is accessible in the dock as your most reliable helper. Located just near Spotlight, it can tell you how much space you have left or perform any search you need.

apple wwdc 2016 announcements

Apple Pay Is Finally Here

Apple Pay will work through TouchID, and you will be able to make payments online through Safari. However, you can even pay through your phone or Apple Watch and get rid of the unnecessary credit card details and numbers.

The Apple Watch Is Getting Faster And Better

Apple’s OS for watches – watchOS is now refreshed with a lot more features, updates. Most importantly, the new edition is a lot faster than the previous one. It navigates better, allows seamless scrolling and better functionality with the new Control Center.

iOS IS Getting Better

iOS 10 is another story. From the most popular to the secret iOS 10 features, every user will get a redesign on the Music and Maps apps. Aside from that, there will be new notifications and an expanded 3D Touch feature.

Apple News Is…Well, Better

Apple News is another one of the novelties on the list. It now features more than 2000 publications and has 60 million monthly readers. Also, the app will get a facelift – with the Top News, Trending and Sports categories blending in on it’s main page.

apple wwdc 2016 announcements

Apple Music Gets A Better ‘Discover’ Playlist

Apple Music gets the facelift no one expected. After one year of existence, the freshly renovated app is redesigned even more – including new sections making it easier to navigate or see recently added songs and albums.

Maps Get More Navigated

The bond between Maps and NAvigation is the exact one many Apple fans wanted to see. With this redesign, users can book rides through maps or show more of a map when the app is opened. Maps are also synced with Apple Pay and support restaurant reservations.

Voicemail Transcription Is Now Official

The new version of iOS 10 now features voicemail transcription. In other words, you can transcribe your voicemails and use them like texts. This is definitely a handy feature to have.

apple wwdc 2016 announcements

Photos Are Being Updated

Google Photos made a revolution. Apple closely worked in line with it, and updated the Photos app for iOS – letting you organize and manage your collection in a better way. Facial recognition is now a thing – just like memories, events and locations blended in your app.

Siri Opens Up To App Developers

Siri is now available on desktop, and Apple finally put an end to the saga – and made it official for developers. As an app that gets 2bn+ searches per day, it is definitely a handy tool to customize – whether for your next Uber ride or WeChat message.

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