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It was revealed be CEO Lisa Su at E3 that the new graphics cards from AMD are not just going to be powerful, they’re going to be extremely affordable.

The Radeon RX 480 was revealed a few weeks ago and will have VR capability despite only costing $200; not only this, but a recent benchmarks leak shows that this card is power powerful that the GTX 980.

The full specifications of the card have not yet been revealed and the leak has not yet been verified but there have been other benchmark leaks regarding this card; each leak shows the same thing, that is is a powerful card and is amazingly cheap.

Several other card were shown at the PC Gamer show during E3, the Radeon RX 470 and also the Radeon RX 460. Each card was built with a specific purpose in mind and will also have a low price tag for what they are capable of. In addition to this, the AMD VR Backpack that acts as a portable computer for VR games was also shown on stage.

More details on the new AMD cards will be revealed later this month before they are released at the end of the June.