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‘Gamers, unite!’

This is Sony’s obvious message with the newest E3 2016 event. A few months back, gamers were expecting a brand new Play Station 4K – and when Sony announced it isn’t happening – there was rage everywhere online.

However, Sony’s E3 2016 event lived up to the expectations – and brought us some very exciting announcements. There are games and news fans were definitely waiting for. We are summing up the news below.

PlayStation VR Is Coming On October 13th

This is one of the biggest news. After all, the entire gameplay experience on PS is changing with PlayStation VR – a new way to experience games. For only $399, you can pre-order the headset and see all the exciting games and experiences it will support.

Here is how it will look like.

sony e3 2016 best news

Now, the game updates.

Spider-Man Gets A Next-Gen Release

The people behind the legendary game Infamous have gathered up and made Spider-Man – a game that once again brings back the character bitten by a spider fighting evil. Amazing jumps, advanced swinging mechanics and a lot of bad guys to fight is what this game brings.

God Of War Is (Finally) Returning

If you don’t know this iconic PS4 franchise, you will get a chance to dig into it. The game is apparently getting a new facelift – and Sony showed 10 minutes of the brand-new gameplay footage – shared to you in the video below. Amazing.

The Last Guardian Gets A Release Date

The Last Guardian is a game first unveiled in 2009, but getting a brand new version 7 years after. Better graphics, unique features and amazing hype with it – that’s what you get after the excruciatingly long wait, right?

Horizon Zero Dawn Is Among The Biggest Announcements

This game is so popular and a personal favorite of many. In fact, the last year’s edition was ‘stealing the show’ as well – and this year, the game comes back again with better graphics and a better gameplay set in the dynamic combat system.

Detroit: Become Human Is More Than Just A Game

Many people are labeling Detroit: Become Human as an emotional journey that cannot be delivered by each and every game. The truth is, there is a great story behind this game – and although the gameplay is not among its strongest sides, the emotional part is something making it unique.

Resident Evil 7 Gets A Lot Scarier

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is the title of the newest edition. And yes, it’s definitely worth picking up on PS4 – mostly because of this trailer, showing us that the game is getting a lot scarier. Combined with the PlayStation VR Mode possibility, this game can get the realest a game has ever been – right in front of your eyes.

The PlayStation VR Lineup Is Amazing!

Last but not least, you will be able to play the following games on PlayStation VR:

  • Here They Lie
  • Farpoint
  • Batman: Arkham
  • Final Fantasy XV

What is your favorite game release on this year’s E3 conference hosted by Sony?

Let us know in the comment section below!