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The newest edition of the iOS brings us a lot of new features. We have seen that iOS 10 has improved – but most of all, the fact that Apple has been listening to its loyal fans. However, there are a pile of features no one talks about – which is why we labeled them as ‘secret’.

So, which are the best secret iOS 10 features you can use on your iPhone, iPad or iPod?

Bedtime: A Handy Wake Alarm

ios 10 secret features

As Apple likes to put it, “Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day are keyss to healthy sleep – and Wake Alarm can help”.

Seriously, Bedtime is among the handiest wake alarm apps. It lets you answer a few simple questions in order to set up a recurring wake-up alarm and get a reminder when it’s time for bed. Aside form that, this app will improve your sleep and wake patterns – something that really helps our mood and productivity.

Flashlight Intensity

ios 10 secret features

You are searching for your keys but don’t want to get noticed. Or you want to read a document in the dark but the flashlight is too bright.

Now, you can regulate the flashlight intensity. The brand new iOS 10 offers you 3 modes: low intensity, medium intensity and high intensity – each suitable for different things. Oh, and waking up to your partner won’t anymore be a real pain.

In-line Video Playback

ios 10 secret features

Wow. The brand new iOS 10 really improved the playback functionality. Now, Safari lets you play videos without having them switched to full screen mode! This can be the handiest tools for watching quick videos redirected from links your friends are sending. We know – no one has time to switch between windows and find the right app for every video.

Better Music While Shooting Pics & Video

You listen to your favorite playlist, see a great landscape and try to capture it. And then it happens – the Camera app pauses your music.

Well, not anymore. Thanks to iOS 10 and the long-waited auto-play music feature whenever you open the camera app.

Parking (Or Finding) Your Car On Maps

ios 10 secret features

Siri just passeda huge AI test – it is now packed with sensors that know when you stop driving and start walking. This also enables you to know where you parked your car – and is candy to the eyes of many users.

There you have them – the best secret iOS features no one talks about. Wake up people – it is about time someone notices these insanely productive features!