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iPhone users who use WhatsApp regularly know what the benefits are behind the popular messaging app. However, there are some things that can make the WhatsApp experience even smoother. For those folks who don’t know, keep reading! There are four hacks that will ensure iPhone users have a great experience.

Translate Text In WhatsApp Using Google

Many folks will use WhatsApp to talk to people around the world and to learn a new language. However, talking with people in another language can be difficult to do, especially if a user isn’t familiar with that particular language.  With the Google Translate app, learning and understanding a new language isn’t so hard.

The feature means users don’t have to keep switching back and forth between two apps to figure out what foreign friends are saying. All someone needs to do is copy the WhatsApp text and hit the Google Translate button when it pops up, which will translate it immediately.

Get WhatsApp Messages Back Using Data Recovery Software

People often delete their WhatsApp messages (accidentally or not) before they realize they may have needed them. If this occurs, users may use a data recovery software that will let them get back their messages – Dr.Fone, for instance. This program lets you scan the iPhone to get chat histories from the iCloud backup file or iTunes backup file.

Use Info Option To Find Out When Messages Have Been Read

There may be instances when someone needs to know when messages have been seen and read. WhatsApp offers the Info option to find out this information. In order to do this, users need to go to that particular message, tapping and holding it. From there, a popup will appear where the user will need to choose the “Info” option. This information will provide users on when the message was read.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages With Cydia App

When users want to send a greeting or message to someone, they can use the Cydia app to schedule that message. Of course, the only way to get the Cydia app is to jailbreak the iPhone. If already broken, users can visit the Cydia app store to download the WhatsApp Message Scheduler app. The cost is $0.99.