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Microsoft had an E3 conference filled with new about their console and what fans have in-store over the next year; they also confirmed the existence of Project Scorpio.

Project Scorpio is the upcoming new console from Microsoft which will push the boundaries of console performance capability; the specifications for it were also revealed during the E3 conference. The console will feature an 8-core CPU and a graphics card that will match mid-range computers be the time the console is launched in 2017. The manufacturers of the CPU and graphics core have not yet been revealed however.

The console will be compatible with VR and will be capable of running games and blu-ray videos at 4K resolution; during the conference, Bethesda confirmed that Fallout 4 VR will be coming to this console.

It was also confirmed that this console will not be replacing the Xbox One or Xbox One S which was also announced during the conference. All games that run on Project Scorpio will also be available for the two previous consoles which may limit the capability of Scopio.

Project Scorpio was confirmed for release some time in 2017.