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Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best-selling video games of the recent generation and Rockstar are still developing new content for this game. So far, all of the content released for the game has been for the multiplayer and no new content has been released for the single player mode despite the game now being three years old.

Rockstar has been listed to be attending E3 and no doubt they will be showing something relating to Grand Theft Auto V, the team seems to prefer this game right now; though, it was revealed that the Rockstar team is working on something new.

The publisher, Take-Two, have commented that GTAV had a huge impact on their fiscal 2016 year and that they plan to support the game for quite some time still. This is no official announcement about a story DLC but the publisher did mention that they want to keep encouraging players to come back to the world and a great way to do this would be a story DLC.

Rockstar is very good at keeping projects quiet and while we’ve heard nothing about a story DLC, it is possible the company may have something to announce at E3.