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Kingdom Hearts 3 is the game currently on the minds of fans everywhere; Square Enix revealed their E3 game line-up on Youtube and it doesn’t look like those fans will be very pleased, the long awaited sequel was not mentioned in the trailer.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is the upcoming remake of the second game for PlayStation 4 that has recently been given a December release date. This game is confirmed to be part of the Square Enix E3 show and it will also contain a new playable section in the game that will focus on Aqua from Birth By Sleep. This new segment should lead the story to the next instalment in the Kingdom hearts series.

Square Enix did mention in their E3 trailer that there was more information and more games for them to show and hopefully this means Kingdom Hearts 3 will have a presence this year.

There is no Square Enix conference this year, instead the company will have various long streams from June 14-16 and fans are hoping that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be mentioned at their grand opening.