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The WhatsApp application is currently used by over 1 billion monthly active people and this makes it one of the used mobile applications out there. Today we will not talk about a new WhatsApp version, but instead, we’ll discuss a feature that not many people are using it on this application.

Not many users know that messages that are sent via WhatsApp Messenger can be shared between contacts within the application by just taking some simple steps. By sharing these messages on WhatsApp, you will be able to share photos and texts with ease and without using a lot of mobile data.

We also remind you that by forwarding messages, you will *NOT* indicate the original sender. In other words, the messages forwarded via the application will appear to come from the sender who has forwarded the message. So, if you’ve forwarded a message to a friend of yours, (s)he will see the message as it was sent by you (even if you have forwarded a message that you’ve received from somebody else).

WhatsApp: How To Forwarded Messages

First of all, you will need to open the WhatsApp application and select the conversation from where you want to forward a message. Tap and hold the message that you will want to share with someone else and a pop-up menu will appear that will have a few message options. You will need to tap on the “Forward” option (on iPhone) or the small arrow button that’s located in the top-right side of the display (on Android devices).

Once you do this, a WhatsApp contact list will appear from where you will need to select a contact with whom you want to share the message. After selecting the contact, you will just need to tap on the “Send” button and you’re done.

Have you ever forwarded a message on WhatsApp?

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