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Sims 4 had no presence at the EA conference for this years E3, it would seem that current rumors about the game are correct; it will not be released on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 this year.

It doesn’t look like the game will be released for console platforms any time soon, earlier this year it was revealed that there were issues with porting the game and these issues must be major if they’ve cause EA to not even mention the game.

This is certainly bad news for console players and fans of The Sims but this could also mean that EA is planning on holding the game back so that it can be released with the new Micosoft console that will be released next year. Project Scorpio will have the best performance ever seen in a console and it may be easier to port The Sims 4 to that console instead, plus the game would visually look much better on it.

There’s no way of knowing what will happen with the console version of The Sims 4 just now, the next time any news is released about the game it will most likely be 2017.