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We all have our own opinion about lots of different things in life and mobile OS preferences are no exception, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are two of the most commonly used operating systems out there, they’re both excellent at their job, perform their tasks flawlessly and have some pretty loyal fan bases.

As with all comparisons, both operating systems are going to be better than the other at different things, for this post though, we’re going to be focussing on the things at Android excels in.


Android is far more customisable than iOS, you not only have much more freedom in terms of software based customisation but also freedom on what hardware you can purchase.

In terms of software though, we’re going to go with the usual statement, Android uses Google’s Play Store, the Play Store is full of applications that are capable of doing all sorts of different things, it’s also full of applications that can alter your device’s entire UI, they’re called launchers, feel free to take a look at a few of them if you’re getting bored from your current Android UI.


It’s not a secret that most iOS devices have the same looks and basic design, sure they have minor differences but for an Android user, they all look the same. On the other hand, users of the Android OS have a wide variety of hardware to choose from, it doesn’t matter if your budget is $100 or $800, you’re going to end up with a phone that can perform that tasks you require.

There are flagship luxury phones available and there are much cheaper, yet much more powerful phones available, there are phones available with a single camera that can rotate and act as a front camera or back camera, and there are phones available with two cameras at the back so they can capture 3D footage.

Freedom to install

When it comes to the freedom to do whatever you wish with your device, Android gives you all the cards right at the start, you don’t need to jailbreak your Android device because there’s an option in the settings menu allowing you to do exactly that.

There’s no need to hack through your phone’s security just to install third party applications, simply allow 3rd party applications to be installed through the settings > security sub-menu and you’ll be able to install applications from outside of Google’s Play Store.

Freedom to hack

Have you ever run out of memory on your iOS device? You’ve probably run out of memory on Android devices too, but when it comes to getting rid of these capacity limits, Android gives you complete freedom.

Android Custom ROMs are able to do far more than what the factory ROMs are capable of doing, sure there are several risks attached with the package but at the end of the day, Custom ROMs remove the limitations on your Android device and allow you access to features that were previously locked.

Familiarity and Affordability

There’s just so many Android based devices out there, you’re always bound to pick one up from friends or family when you’re going around your everyday life, sure iOS is just as common, perhaps more common in certain parts of the world, but Android is simply the more abundant OS out there because of its affordability, most Android devices are much cheaper than iOS devices.

Different generations of flagships actually have distinct differences, whether it’s waterproofing, gestures and facial recognitions or other luxury features, there’s a reason Android has been dominating the market for so long.

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