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The Steam Summer Sale is traditionally a time when PC players across the world say goodbye to the money they’ve saved for months in anticipation of steep discounts and excellent deals. This year’s summer sale is rumored to begin on June 23 and last until July 4. Although these rumors have yet to be confirmed, the dates for Steam’s sales have frequently been leaked in years past. The timing is also credible, matching up with the usual Summer Sale time frame.

For its other major sale of the year, the Winter Sale, Steam made a major change by removing the Daily Deals and Flash Sales. The smaller Autumn Sale earlier in the year saw the same change.

While Steam’s sales always have big discounts, these special deals cut the prices even further. Daily Deals lasted all day, while Flash Sales were often for a few hours. Fans appreciated these discounts, although they did have a negative effect: the common practice was to wait until the very end of the sale before buying anything that wasn’t part of a Daily or Flash sale, just in case it was later on.

This time, the discounts were in place from the start. Not all players liked this decision going into it, but the Winter Sale was still a huge success, as was the special event that accompanied it.

So what does this mean for the Summer Sale? The original announcement only said this change would be in effect for the the Autumn and Winter sales, with no mention made of the Summer Sale. This could mean the Steam Summer Sale 2016 will once again have Daily Deals and Flash Sales. On the other hand, it might follow the new pattern set by the previous sales.

Either way, the Steam Summer Sale 2016 will be a fantastic opportunity to get PC games at discounted rates. Best of all, if the rumors are true, we only have a little over a week to wait. What are you hoping to buy in this year’s Steam Summer Sale? How do you feel about the removal of Daily Deals and Flash Sales during the previous events?