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Clash Royale has received a big update in May 2016, where it added the Miner, a new legendary unlockable card in Arena 6, Builders Workshop. The Miner is a very powerful troop that can be used in many ways, allowing you to create some great combos.

While playing in tournament, a level one Miner has 1060 health, 133 damage per second (DPS), 64 damage to crown towers and 160 damage to other troops.


– It can give a significant amount of damage to Goblins (leaving them with only 9 health);
– It can two-shot Bombers;
– It can take a Wizard, a Musketeer and Barbarian in four  shots;
– If it is shot by a fireball it loses only half health.

As we’ve told you above, the Miner is great against Musketeers, Bombers and Wizard by giving support for a tank. One of the best things that a miner comes with is that it can sneak up on the back line, which will leave the opponent’s tank vulnerable. The card is awesome against Princesses as it two-shots them with ease.

However, the Miner is not able to shot Goblins, which means that it is very weak against them. It is also vulnerable to any swarm troops because without area damage it will take a while to fight them 1 by 1.


Using the Miner you will be able to tank the crown tower, while the minion horde can wipe out the tower with ease. First of all, you will need to place the Miner and after that the Minion Horde, so that the tower can focus on the Miner instead of the Minion Horde. If you ever encounter this combo, we suggest you to get rid of the Minion Horde as soon as possible, because that is the damage dealing card. However, keep in mind that Miner can do 300 damage to the tower, which is pretty much.

Another good way to use the Miner is along with the Goblins. The Goblins have a high DPS and with a great timing, you will be able to let the Miner take the crown tower damage, while the Goblins can use their high DPS onto the tower.


The Miner is a great card in Clash Royale, as it comes with a decent health. In addition it can sneak up on the back line of your enemy which will surely not make him very happy.