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Apple has unveiled the latest watchOS 3 OS at its annual WorldWide Developer Conference, which will be available for the Apple watch wearable. The previous software had problems with the app launching process and Apple has improved it. From now on, users will put their favorite applications in a new dock and they will be launched up to seven times faster.

The user interface was also revamped and users have easier access to applications and information and they can reply to messages by writing characters with their finger. Control Center will be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, while when pressing the side button, users will launch the dock where the recent and running applications are found. In the dock area run also third party applications.

There are new watch faces and kids will love the Minnie Mouse version, but adults will select their favorite one by swiping across the display. Apple has also redesigned the Reminders and Find Friends apps, while Scribble is a new feature that allows users to draw letters on the screen in order to type out words. A similar feature will be available for rival platform, Android Wear.

If their lives will be in danger, users will call 911 by holding down the side button. Actually, their iPhones will dial 911, even if they won’t have an available cellular connection (it will be done through the watch’s Wi-Fi connection). After the call is ended, emergency contacts will be alerted and emergency help numbers will be called no matter in which country users may be in.

Apple has worked on a new fitness application that allows users to connect with other users and send them their heart rates, activity and progress. Wheelchair users were not left out, as the activity tracking has been improved and they will receive “time to roll” alerts in place of time to stand.

Users who will want to learn about breathing techniques that will help them relax will have an application called Breathe, which will provide haptic feedback guidance when they will keep their eyes closed.