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Currently, WhatsApp seems to be on a high rise when it comes to online messaging. There are literally billions of people using it right now and it is successful because it has a user-friendly interface, it’s free, safe and for all platforms. According to some reports, Apple is trying to compete with WhatsApp by launching the iMessage service for the Android phones.

iMessage is another reliable service that has been used for Apple products for a long time. It has been integrated in the Apple devices, which means only iPad or iPhone users can use it. However, it has been very reliable, easy to use, fast and secure, just like Whatsapp.

Apple might be announcing soon their release of the iMessage app for Android, at the WWDC. Oddly enough, there are market researchers who claim that it might not be such a smart move from Apple. Though it has some clear advantages, there are also some problems there.

They might enjoy some higher profits by entering the Android market with this app. However, by doing so they might let go lots of Android users that could switch to Apple in the future. Even so, their app is guaranteed to be a top one and to guarantee to their users secure conversations (especially if you  think about the recent example with the FBI and Apple).

Currently, many users prefer BBM, but this one seems to be going down. The entrance of the iMessage might be perfect for those who are dissatisfied with it, offering them a better option than Whatsapp, given that you also get to benefit video calling and other features that are not found there, for instance.

Later edit: As it seems, Apple changed their mind and will not launch the iMessage for Android. But people are still hoping for a messaging app for Google.

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