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In the beginning, Microsoft took the leap and switched to mobile phones technology, they moved on with Nokia Mobiles. They had great plans and many people expected lots of things from them. And they did not let fans down, releasing the update for the Windows 10 Mobile. This launch meant a revolution when it comes to this type of technology.

The OS is finally available for those who were using older versions of Nokia Lumia, which is great news if you think about the fact that up until now it was available only for Lumia 950 and 950 XL, 550 and 650. However, this update was promised to the fans quite a while ago, last year in December, so you could say that it took a while until Lumia users got what they wanted.

This new version of the OS can be used by many Lumia versions: 640 (both simple and the XL version), 930, 1520, 735, 730, 535, the 1 GB  version for 635, 636, 638; 430, 435, 830, 522 and so on. However, there are some fans who are unhappy because the update is not available for some of the most used devices, such as the 520, 1020 and 1320.

About this, the company declared that the list of available phones does not include some models that currently run the Windows 10 Mobile in the Insider program. Moreover, they added that they are taking into consideration the user experience first, and this is the main reason for which they will not offer significant upgrades to older models. As such, they will provide new content and upgrades only to the phones that are compatible with new technologies, without affecting the overall customer experience.