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As you’ve probably heard already, WhatsApp will no longer release updates for Nokia Asha/S40/S60 Symbian phones, but users will still have time until the end of 2016 to enjoy the latest changes that will be made by the developers. Unfortunately, users will need to say good bye to the thought of making voice calls, as this feature will never be added to these old platforms. The latest update for Symbian phones comes with version number 2.16.38 and can be downloaded from WhatsApp’s official website.

WhatsApp is evolving, but on Android, iOS and Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile, the platforms that are receiving new features more often than before. There are six months left until the end of 2016, when WhatsApp will stop supporting Symbian devices, but in the meantime, the developers will continue to release updates.

The latest one is 2.16.38 and comes with important bug fixes that users have reported a while ago. From now on, the application will be more stable and will no longer crash. The end-to-end encryption has been also added, protecting users’ conversations that will not be accessed by third party applications, but since the update is in beta testing, minor bugs could affect the performance of WhatsApp on these devices.

WhatsApp 2.16.38 .sis file for Nokia can be downloaded from Users will install it and then restart their devices to enjoy the changes that have been made to the application. The developers will continue to fix bugs until the support will stop, so users should consider upgrading their devices. If they will buy an Android smartphone and install the latest beta update 2.16.118, they will get a new feature called Quick Quotes. This will allow users to quote messages they want to reply to, and it will work by tapping on any message in a conversation and tapping on the reply button that will appear at the top of the screen.