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Viber users should be happy now that with the new update, they will be able to see their messages in any circumstances, even if they change their phone. On Tuesday the company will release the next update and this will enable all users to create a backup for all their messaging history, which means this would be available on any phone.

Whether you are using an Android smartphone or an iOS one, you can manually back up your history to the cloud service you are using. It works either with Google Drive or iCloud, so you don’t need to worry about that. This means that, if you back up the messages in time, you will never lose a chat and will be able to recover everything in case you delete or reinstall the app.

However, there is a catch. Though you might be happy to save all your conversations safely, keep in mind that once you move them to the cloud, Viber does not encrypt them anymore. It is your call if you want secure or saved conversations.

After reinstalling the app, any user can restore their account and access all their conversations just like before.

Moreover, the new update also brings GIF support that helps you send, receive and view the moving images in your conversations. They are automatically played in a loop and you can send them from your gallery or by inserting the link to the GIF in the conversation. Though it may not seem like a big update, one of its main competitors, WhatsApp, doesn’t support this, so it’s a plus for Viber.

Also, version 6.1 lets you send money from the US by using Western Union, which is an innovative update.