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Zygarde is dual-type Dragon/Ground Legendary Pokémon that was introduced in Pokémon X and Y and has three Formes (it didn’t evolve from or into another Pokémon): 50 percent in X and Y, 10 percent in Sun and Moon and Complete Forme that will be also introduced in the upcoming games. The basic components of Zygarde are Cores (the brains) and Cells (they only compose Zygarde’s Formes, so they can’t think).

In Pokémon X and Y, Zygarde 50% Forme looks like a serpent with a green and black pattern on its body, while its eyes look like those of an insect, being formed from four green hexagons, which are also found on the front and back of the black frills. As for the tail, it’s flat and black on top and ends with five green tendrils, being able to monitor the ecosystem. Also, both the eyes and frills can glow.

Zygarde transformed 10% will look like a dog with a black body (mostly) and a long green scarf which has a small hexagon connected to the bottom which turns to red or blue. The eyes are white hexagons and have a black outline, while above them are two small green hexagons that can be considered the eyebrows. On the forehead there’s a white ellipse and on the legs are hexagonal protrusions colored in black. The front legs have two protrusions, while the back legs have three – a longer one made of two hexagons is found on the left leg. The teeth are razor-sharp and the maximum speed reached by Zygarde 10% Forme is 60 mph. Below there’s a teaser video of Zygarde 10% Forme:

Zygarde Complete Forme has on its chest the colors of the real-world flag of France – the inspiration for the region of Kalos, but these colors can be also found on the Xerneas and Yveltal, which are the mascots of Pokémon X and Y. Zygarde is completely transformed when it’s sensing danger and the other forms can’t handle. In the next video, you will see Zygarde complete:

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