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There have been a number of Pokémon GO BETA field tests in Japan, New Zealand and Australia, and it appears tests are going well. The U.S. became the next country to get in on the BETA action, where enrollment started on May 19.

This means anybody living in the U.S. can enroll in the BETA test. If a person wants to become a beta tester, they need to visit Niantic’s official website. Visitors just need to provide their email address as well as information on the device they owned.   Fans who wants to join in on the fun can provide any previous experience they have with augmented reality mobile games such as Ingress, which Niantic also developed.

There have been comments on how many tester positions will be available in the U.S. There are several things people should understand:

  • Not every applicant will be asked to join in on the BETA testing
  • Niantic require testers to let them know the game’s present state and how things can be improved
  • They must keep information about the game to themselves, not revealing anything about the game

Of course, that has yet to stop BETA testing participants from sharing some information about the game.  For instance, one Pokémon GO tester said the game’s battle mechanics were different than what people see in other games. Pokémon tend to do more damage with one charged attack – something considered to be a new mechanic.

To date, this BETA testing has gone quite smooth, and if this continues, the rumored release date is sometime summer. No news on whether or not Europe will get into the BETA testing for Pokémon Go, and fans remain hopeful Nintendo will offer one segment to the game at E3.