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The latest Minecraft story episode is now available on Xbox 360 and Xbox One and it’s meant to be played by the owners of the original series.

It’s called Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6 – A portal to mystery’ and here is an overview of the game play.

Your character’s name will be Jesse and you will embark on a dangerous adventure starting from the Overworld, then through the Nether and to the End in order to finally get to the great beyond. You and the other players will search for a legendary order entitled The Order of the Stone which comprises of: Warriors, slayers of the Ender Dragon, Griefers, Redstone Engineers and Architects. Once they reach EnderCon while searching for a warrior named Gabriel, all of the players realize that something dreadful has happened and the only way to save the world from oblivion is to set out on a perilous journey in order to find the Order of the Stone. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Like a combination between Lord of the rings and every dungeons and dragons game ever.

If we’ve made you curious know that you can purchase individual episodes in the story mode for only $4,99 per episode, or you can buy an Adventure pass that gives you access to all of the episodes so far for only $14.99.

Since it bought Minecraft from Mojang, Microsoft has been investing heavily into continuously updating and improving the Minecraft games on all platforms be it Xbox, PC or mobile. Not only that, but it has also joined forces briefly with Nitendo, to bring a Super Mario theme to Minecraft.

Furthermore, there are even rumors that there is a live-action movie currently in development. How awesome would a Minecraft movie be? Probably just as awesome as the ‘Lego’ movie was.