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Frostburn (1.10), the latest update from Mojang for Minecraft has just been released. This is a major update that changes parts of the colder or hotter zones in the game. By that we mean that that the frozen biomes will now have polar bears which is adorable, a new type of Skeleton, and Strays and the deserts will now feature fossils and Husks, a stronger variant of a Zombie.

Apart from these modifications, fans will also enjoy a new technical block implemented into the Creative Mode which will enable templates of structures to be placed somewhere by using ‘Redstone trickery’.

However, the Frostburn update is not all about the adorable polar bears and crazy powerful zombies; it also comes with many bug fixes and an auto-jump option. Some commands will be improved. There will be many new types of structure blocks for the custom maps – Magma blocks, Wart Block, Red Nether Bricks – and even some fossils made from bone blocks.

The update will also enable players to find abandoned gold mines in mesa biomes and sometimes they can even find some trees in the plains. In terms of villages, know that there will be more types of villages based on the biomes they belong to and they will have better paths between buildings. Another adorable thing is that the mushrooms will be even bigger.

Finally, the last notable change is that the Herobrine has been removed again.

Of course, there are many more changes that come with Frostburn and you can check those out at

Furthermore, if you are a PC Minecraft player, know that you don’t have to do that much to get the update; it will just automatically download in your Minecraft launcher.

These being said start playing now and have fun with these awesome Frostburn changes!