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Clash of Clans is regarded as being one of the longest-running and most successful mobile game people can play today. And, although it’s been on the market for quite some time, its popularity remains strong. It’s still seen as the most download mobile game apps.

Supercell, Clash of Clans creators is unlikely to let that designation die out, as they’re constantly upgrading it to offer a better gaming experience to its millions of fans.

During March, there were a number of changes. For instance, in Town Hall 5+, there was a decline in brewing time for all Elixir (20 minutes) and Dark Spells (10 minutes). For Town Hall 11, Grand Warden Aura and Eternal Tome saw a slightly drop. Clan Wars matchmaking saw improvements to make sure clans were better matched in both capacity and strength.

New content was added to numerous Town Halls – Town Hall 10 attained the most content – Hog Rider level 6, New Unit Bowler, Valkyrie level 5 and Goblin level 7. Town Hall 11 was given Mortar level 9 and Inferno Tower level 4.

The changes that were made were not just on functionality but also aesthetics. For example, war events menu were re-designed to better the readability. Updates are also out to deal with fair play problems, due to the rampant amount of cheating being reported.

Supercell offered a huge update last month – even bigger than the last update.

  • Barbarian King and Archer Queen regeneration time saw tremendous decrease to less than 30 minutes.
  • Drop in training times for Valkyrie and Balloon to five minutes
  • Drop to training time for Healer to 10 minutes
  • Spells brewing times were also dropped
  • Bowler troops got an update

There are going to be a number of other upgrades that COC plans to release.  CoC fans can look forward to that after developers failed to fix the issues with Town Hall 11 back in March. It would be great if Town Hall 11 loot farming wasn’t so hard after the December 2015 updates, saving players from developing a less fail-roof method to circumvent the issue.