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Back in 2015, Google has revealed the Android M name in mid-August. This year, the company has rushed things up and released the Android N Developer Preview in March, allowing owners of some Nexus devices to have access to the new features that will be added to the upcoming operating system. Until now, Google hasn’t mentioned anything about the name of this OS, but it will be a “sweet” one and will be chosen with the help of users who submitted their suggestions on the naming page that the company has launched specially for them.

Yes, users will help the developers choose the best name for Android N, and they submitted their suggestions on a naming page. Apparently, Google has received enough suggestions and now it’s poring over the submissions, following to announce the name of Android N soon. Nobody knows if Google has already made a decision, or of it’s still weighing up the possibilities, but most likely, the chosen name will be announced around the end of June or the beginning of July.

Some of the names that have been submitted on the page were Noodles, Nacho and Naan, but the operating system could be also named Nougat. Either way, the letter N will be based on a dessert item.

We remind you that if you own a Nexus 5X, 6, 6P, 9, Nexus Player, Pixel C, General Mobile 4G (Android One), or a Sony Xperia Z3 (D6603 and D6653 models) device, you can try out Developer Preview 3. This summer will be released the final build of Android N and most likely, Google will use this occasion to make the official name announcement. The new operating system will come pre-installed on the upcoming Nexus 2016 smartphones that are rumored to be built by HTC. Another rumor suggests that Huawei will bring a successor for the Nexus 6P, and there are high chances to see a 7-inch Nexus tablet.