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One of the most popular runtime clients is Adobe Flash Player, as it lets content that was developed on the Flash platform to be accessed via various actions – watch multimedia, stream audio and video or start up rich Internet applications.
However, it also has a multitude of vulnerabilities that cause issues for both users and vendors, which means it may not be available much longer for desktop and the other platforms.

Adobe Flash Player is loaded with security bugs, which constantly need repairing. This is aggravating for not only users but developers too. It appears that not one update can erase the potential for more vulnerabilities or offer complete protection from exploitation kits.

Android users have seen this lack of support already – Adobe Flash Player can no longer be found in Google Play Store, but if a user really wants it, they can do a manual install. All they need to do is go to the Archived Flash Player versions page to download and install the program onto their Android device.

  • Android device needs to be connected to the Internet.
  • On the device, users will need to hit Ok after going to Settings, tapping Security and Unknown Sources. For older Android OS versions, this may be called Applications.
  • Get out of settings and launch browser of choice
  • From the browser, users will need to visit the archive page for Adobe Flash Player. If link is unknown, a search will need to be conducted.
  • On this Archive page, users can find Flash Player for Android by scrolling down the page
  • Users will need to find the Flash Player version that is compatible with their Android OS version.
  • The download starts when the link is tapped.
  • Once complete, the browser needs to be shut down.
  • Users will need to find the install_flash_player.apk file in their notifications page. From there, a prompt will ask them to choose between install and cancel. They’ll need to choose install.
  • Tap it to complete the installation process.

Once all this is done, the player should work.

Why is Adobe Flash Player such a coveted software, despite its numerous bugs and vulnerability issues?

  • With the player, touch support on flash games work
  • Websites that have flash content will quickly load – also includes Flash-based FLV video players
  • Flash platform content is shown without lags
  • .SWF files are playable independently

Users can get a rich media experience with the installation of Adobe Flash Player. However, for Android users who want it, they’ll need to use the workaround. Of course, they need to protection themselves against ransomware when the software is being downloaded.