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It’s that time of the year – when the EA press conference takes place, labeled as the E3 2016 Conference. And this year, we have some great announcements related to the legendary EA games and their improvements.

We are wrapping up the 5 biggest and most important announcements from EA on the E3 2016 conference below.

Titanfall 2 Gets A Single Player Campaign Mode

Minutes before the beginning of the E3 2016 conference, there was a leakage – the trailer for the Titanfall 2 and its amazing single player campaign. And even though the game has so far got a lot of positive reviews on its stellar gameplay, the fact that there isn’t a campaign mode was the toughest pill to swallow. Fortunately, the new edition of Titanfall gets a major facelift.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Look Great On Frostbite

The gameplay and development footage of Mass Effect: Andromeda is also among the hottest topics and rumors announced on the E3 2016 conference by EA. According to EA, the new entry in the series will be built directly on the Frostbite engine.

FIFA 17 Will Have A Brand New Story Mode

If you were expecting a FIFA gameplay revamp, there will be such thing. The new story mode labeled as ‘The Journey’ lets you take the role of a footballer working your way up through the Premier League.

Star Wars Games Will Always Be Here

Good news for Star Wars die-hard fans – we will never run out of Star Wars games. EA’s trailer announcement on the E3 2016 conference actually gives us a sneak peek on all the future Star Wars games to be released. From Battlefront 2 scheduled for 2017 to Respawn Entertainment, this is a great thing to hear.

Battlefield 1 Gets Brand New Features And Major Challenges

The Battlefield 1 multiplayer game by EA is another hot topic on the E3 2016 conference. The rumors have been finally confirmed – as the game will get a lot more unpredictable weather, enormous vehicles and destructible environments – all features that feed every die-hard gamer with adrenaline. This will also make the game one of the most advanced FPS games in 2016.

We hope you enjoyed the news and video trailers!

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