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On May 17. Clash of Clans got a new update, which offered a new feature called “Friendly Challenges”. With them Clash of Clans servers down, Supercell developers began uploading the various new improvements.

Friendly Challenges lets players get some practice in on their own clan mates. It’s a new tool that is sure to be useful for both novice and experienced Clash of Clans players who want to improve upon their attacking/defending techniques.

The new feature allows players to accept or challenge a person from their own clan. The button to “Challenge” is located at the top side of the chat page, letting players choose the village they created such as those they made for Clan Wars. Right now, attack replays and results can be seen in the clan chat, which means each member can look over the notes.  It’s possible that Supercell will offer the option where they can watch the attack as it happens.

With unlimited Friendly Challenges, users don’t use any gold or take up Spells, Heroes, Traps and Troops when they attack a village. Of course, it means there are no trophies, bonuses or resources given.

There’s no indication of how long Supercell will allow this feature to stay, but will assist players to collect additional gold, elixir and dark elixir for the game.