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Pokémon Go BETA has expanded to the U.S., which means fans of Pokémon can now test the possibly soon-to-be released augmented reality game. If a fan has yet to sign up and wants to do so, they need to go to the official page at http://Pokémon Of course, not all signees will be allowed to BETA test Pokémon Go.

There are several things users will need to remember when they sign up to do the Pokémon GO field test including:

The game is not completely finished. It’s only the beta version of it. According to the website, the app has a limited number of features and some of them may not work like they should.

The field tests should be kept private. Still, information has still been released regarding the game despite the official instructions that nobody share the game’s contents with the world.

If a fan wants to become a Pokémon Go BETA tester, there are four requirements:

  • Reside in Australia, New Zealand or the U.S.
  • Have an iPhone with iOS 8 or higher; Android phone with Version 4.3 of higher
  • Agree to the private policy
  • Participants need to agree to the terms of service for Pokémon Go.

There are several criteria Niantic users to figure out who will be chosen for the field test. Any progress made during the BETA testing is not transferrable to the game if and when released. And, users cannot gift their field test account to another player.

In order for people to understand the rules and details, they need to visit http://Pokémon This will also be where they can sign up to become a field tester.

Since Pokémon GO was just offered to U.S. fans, it may be some time before Niantic sends out invitations to play.

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