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Niantic, the mobile app company under Google just released Pokémon Go and redesigned the legendary TV cartoon show in a fully-packed AR game. In case the term ‘AR game’ doesn’t ring a bell to you, the term AR stands for Augmented Reality – or in other words, superimposed graphics over a real world environment displayed in real-time.

pokemon go ar game

Yes, this means that you can play Pokémon on your smartphone – and connect to hundreds (if not millions) of people playing the game in real-time as well.

Pokémon Go For Your Smartphone – How It All Started…

The thought of making a mobile app game named Pokémon Go all started as an April Fools joke in 2014, when Google’s adopted Niantic Inc. studio, got a glimpse of the popular game and how it would look like if supported by AR technology. In case you don’t remember, here is the great video.

pokemon go gameplay

Now, two years later, Pokémon Go is not anymore a joke – but a smartphone game ready to prove the world that AR games have what it takes to impress everyone, especially when paired up with legendary franchises like in this case, the Pokémon show.

How Nintendo Got In The Storyline Making Pokémon Go Perfect

Nintendo, the pioneer in entertainment games, has decided to back up the entire idea behind Pokémon Go – and make it mainstream so that the Pokémon fans can get an idea of the latest news about Pokémon.

Now, we are awaiting for Pokémon Go to come out later this year as a free-to-play Ar game for both iOS and Android smartphones. Obviously, there will be paid features as well from which the companies would monetize. However, the bottom line is that the game will unite many Pokémon fans from all around the globe.pokemon go ar game

A Quick Brief On Pokémon Go’s Gameplay

You will be able to bring your monsters to life with Pokémon Go, the game that makes you wander in every city looking for creatures in their natural habitats. This is definitely one of the coolest things about the game. According to Niantic, the launch will pack around 100 Pokémon monsters available – with many others from the original 1996 coming to life in the game at a later point.

Going outside with your friends and still playing a smartphone game sounds way too cooler- now that we have Pokémon Go. Aside from that, the game’s demo showed that this is a title that is ready to popularize the world and be downloaded on millions of phones.

There have also been rumors about wearables being developed and in regards to the game – called Pokémon Go Plus. Apparently, they will make the game experience even more mobile – and user-friendly.