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Back in March, Pangu offered fans a jailbreaking tool for iOS 9.1, sparking cheers among users. However, since that time, Apple has moved forward, offering up an array of updates. For that reason, users have wondered when Pangu would release a new jailbreaking tool for iOS 9.3.1 or 9.3.

Apple released its iOS 9.3 then shortly thereafter released iOS 9.3.1 – a patch to a bug that affected how universal links would work. When users would tap on these universal links, it would cause the device to crash. No other major issues were changed in this fix. Thus, some of the vulnerabilities seen with iOS 9.3 may still be in iOS 9.3.1, which means hackers could use these exploits to come up with a jailbreaking tool for iOS 9.3.1.

Luca Tedesco is an Italian developer and a hacker who has attempted to develop an iOS 9.3 jailbreaking tool. He was successful and posted a video on YouTube to talk about its success. However, he’s decided it was best to keep that exploit all to himself.

The jailbreaking teams at both Pangu and TaiG tend to be quiet regarding their work, not offering up any updates before they release the tools. This tends to annoy folks because they’re not sure if they should stick with the older iOS versions or go ahead and upgrade to the latest one.

Users who upgrade to 9.3 or 9.3.1 cannot downgrade to 9.2.1 anymore. However, Apple has begun the beta release for iOS 9.3.2.

Special Note: If users see a iOS 9.3.x jailbreaking tool on the Internet – also called 3K Jailbreak, they should not download it. It’s not from the 3K Assistant team, and may, in fact, contain malware.