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A while ago, MacRumors quoted Ming Chi Kuo, KGI securities analyst, as saying in regards to the upcoming MacBook Pro that it will undergo the most significant upgrade ever done by Apple. Presumably, the new generation of the Macbook pro will be released sometime this year and it will be very different from the last generations given that they were very alike and only sported a few tweaks.

He believes that Apple will release three models in the last quarter of 2016: a 12 inch one, a 13 inch one and a 15 inch one. All of these models will be thinner and lighter than the previous ones and they will come with Touch ID technology and USB-C ports. Apart from that, Chi Kuo also says that the function keys will be replaced by an OLED touch bar which sounds very unbelievable. Mainly because it would be very uncomfortable and because those keys also control many Mac features such as screen brightness, volume, keyboard backlight etc.

This OLED touch bar is considered to be the second screen.

However, another tech site, Macotakara, reported that Apple will start shipping new Mackbook models with a second screen sometime in June.

This is supported by a different tech site, DigiTimes which states that Apple will soon distribute new Macbook models that will be ultra thin.

Both reports contradict Ming Chi Kuo predictions which is something because apparently, there aren’t that very many cases in which his assumptions were wrong.

None of the two tech sites mentioned a possible release date for the devices, but it is presumed that if there’s anything to be announced by Apple, it will surely happen at the Worldwide Developers Conference. More precisely, it will happen on the 13th of June because that is when the Apple keynote speech is scheduled.