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For people who have difficulty installing Adobe Flash Player on their PC, it’s not as uncommon as they think. In fact, the issue of permissions is quite common. For folks who have this issue, there is a solution to it… if you run a version that’s earlier than Windows 8 (Windows 7, XP, etc.).

Users who have permission issues with Adobe Flash Player may come across several instances:

  • Inability to register or have permissions errors throughout the installation process
  • Continuous problems after Flash Player has been installed successfully… everything works until the computer is rebooted and web pages tell users the software needs to be installed once more.
  • Flash Player works for the administrator’s account but not in a standard Windows account.

Adobe is still coming up with answers to deal with the issues but have offered several steps to fix the issues for now.

  • Install the Player
  • If unable due to permission error or a registration failure, go to Microsoft and download the SubInACL installer
  • Install file and where it’s being installed
  • Download “” file, and extract reset_fp.bat file into the SubInACL folder that users created previously. The reset_fp.bat and subinacl.exe files should be located in the same folder. To see the, users need to make them seen in Windows Explorer
  • For users with Windows 7 or Vista, they need to right-click the reset_fp.bat file and choose “Run as Administrator”. With Windows XP, they need to ensure the administrator level account is working before the double click
  • A window will appear with text, which is indication the file is being installed onto the computer
  • Reboot the computer for the installation process to complete

If unable to install the Flash Player, be sure to reboot the computer and ensure Flash is actually working. If an application is using a Flash Player version users have installed onto their system, the installer may not run right, meaning users will need to shut down all open apps before they do anything else.