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It doesn’t matter if you’re using Android based phones or Apple’s iOS, you’ve probably heard about smartwatches, they’re just like a regular watch, except for the fact that they have a mini computer inside of them that’s capable of synchronizing with your phone, instead of hands to tell you the time, smartwatches have digital displays, but you probably already know what a smartwatch is, so let’s talk about why you should get one.


A smartwatch increases your general quality of life and accessibility by a ton if you find yourself pulling your phone out of your pockets occasionally only to check notifications, smartwatches are able to communicate with your phone provide you with notifications as they come, they also have a vibrate feature, capable of notifying you silently.

You can check your notifications, emails, any messages you may have received and also use compatible applications directly from the smartwatch itself, it’s basically a second screen for your phone.

General Quality of Life

Smartwatches let you do quite a few tasks without having to pull out your phone, whether it’s answering calls or simply map navigation, you won’t have to use your phone in shady neighbourhoods anymore.

We don’t recommend using your phone while driving but who are we kidding? People do it all the time, smartwatches just get rid of one major aspect, you’ll no longer have to awkwardly take your phone out every time it rings, simply tap the watch to answer or reject calls, check whatever notifications you may have, check the map to make sure you’re on the right track and much more.

Battery life

Add all of this to the fact that your phone’s screen won’t be on all this time, you’re going to be saving a lot of battery life, smartwatches typically last longer than phones, you still have to charge them, but it’s better to run out of your smartwatch’s battery before your phone’s, since the latter can function independently.


You’d be surprised how much difference a simple fitness tracker makes, simply the act of wearing one on your wrist can motivate you to get up and get some exercise done, whether your watch has a simple step counter or a fully functional heart rate monitor, wrist based heart monitors have become more accurate over the ages, they’re still not perfect but they can give you a good estimate about your body conditions.

Security, Entertainment and all those things

A smartwatch can be used for much more than just a fitness tracker though, you can play music, check your scheduled to-do lists, control your GoPro cameras, control your quad-copters, connect with other “smart” devices in your home, check your phone notifications without being rude, make sure your phone doesn’t keep asking you to unlock it if you’re wearing your watch.

It’s small things like these that matter in the long run, people who’ve never used smartwatches don’t like them but on the other hand, the few folks who’ve used them would never go back.