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Facebook is one of the most used social networks on the internet and today we will tell you about a new feature that the developers have added. We remind you that the developers have brought “Facebook Live” a few weeks ago and it seems that more and more celebrities are using it. Well, now the developers have brought a new feature that allows you to upload Videos in your comments.

It seems that the developers are trying to catch up with Snapchat, which is surely not as popular as Facebook, but it gets more daily video views every day. Bob Baldwin from Facebook said that this new feature was developed at a recent Hackathon that Facebook held. Baldwin has led the team to create this feature on Facebook and according to him, the team was created by:

– Hermes Pique and Sameer Madan – iOS
– Billy Ng – Android
– Muhammed Ibrahim – WhatsApp Web.

We remind you that other teams have brought the ability to add pictures in comments or to add stick into comments, but these two features have been added a while ago.

We have to tell you that the new Facebook feature that allows you to upload videos in comments also allows you to upload them as replies to posts by both pages and people. At the same time, you can upload videos on events and groups, which we’re pretty sure that it will be quite handy.

In order to upload a video in a comment or reply, you will need to tap the camera icon next to the comment field and then just upload the video that you want. In other words, this is the same method that you would use to upload pictures to comments, so it should not be too hard for Facebook users.

Have you uploaded a video on a Facebook comment yet? Tell us your thoughts about the new feature that has been added to Facebook!

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