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One of the newest features on Clash of Clans is Friendly Challenges, which were brought to the game on May 16. There is no cost or rewards for the game, but you just battle others out for fun or practice instead of a serious competition.

Fans have loved this feature, but it’s not perfect. For that reason, developers have altered the Clash of Clans Friendly Challenges using the fan feedback.

Altering The Layout In Friendly Challenges

One of the first things players will notice are the tweaks when the layout has been altered. There’s nothing to be concerned with when a player is at Town Hall 8 or less. However, at Town Hall 9 and above, the change will affect players. Modified layouts are unavailable for 24 hours after the modification has been done.

This was done to keep repetition down when players make minor layout adjustments and practice them.

Changes In Scouting

Players will also see changing in scouting. At one time, players could see their opponent’s layout, even when it was Preparation Day. The change means players can’t see each other’s layouts but just the Village layout.

The change was done to ensure players couldn’t copy the layout of their opponents… practicing it with the Friendly Challenges. The modification provides users with the Village, giving them an idea of how powerful their opponents are without copying the layout.

There’s been no changes made to Battle Day Scouting.

The Clash of Clans’ changes were made recently, and most players are happy with the changes. There are some with concerns, and future feedback may be necessary to ensure developers ensure more modifications are made to better the game.