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If your tech shelf still misses a Bluetooth speaker, it’s about time to make this worthy investment and get rid of the bulky stereo systems. Plus, you have portable music to take anywhere you go – from the car to the park and on the beach.

Wondering what’s all the fuss about Bluetooth speakers recently?

To put it in the simplest way, they advanced to a point where they aren’t cheap – and basic anymore. They are high-end, and their audio quality has been so much improved, making them a great replacement and space-saving alternative to stereo systems.

Over the past few years, we have been hearing about new Bluetooth speaker models redefining sound. Today, it’s time to wrap up that info and give you the best ones currently on the marketplace.

B&O BeoPlay A2

best bluetooth speakers beoplay

Bang and Olufsen is a great brand making portable and high-quality ‘retro’ speakers. The fact that they invest so much time in the design makes the speakers even better. The BeoPlay A2 is the best wireless speaker for big spaces and can provide expansive sound in 360 degrees. That feature, along with the 24-hour battery make it one of the best wireless speakers ever made.

Bowers & Wilkins T7

best wireless speakers bowers wilkins t7

This is the Bluetooth speaker you need in your modern home – or your modern suitcase. And it is the hi-fi speaker that is the size of a kitchen sponge. It can be your best entertainment in the home, park or while travelling. The British manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins is known for the great sound and has been making reference audiophile speakers for decades. Now, they got in line with technology and gave us the T7 wireless model.

Riva Turbo X

best wireless speakers riva turbo

This Bluetooth speaker by Riva has been a best seller. Having the size of a brick and the features of a powerful stereo system, this model has a true ‘rock pedigree’ – and the best engineer hands for groups like Rush, Led Zeppelin and others in the development process. You can even watch movies and listen to their sound on it – as well as customize the power of audio by pressing the ‘T’ – turbo button on it.

Marshall Acton

best wireless speakers marshall acton

Marshall is one of the premium audio brands that gives you the best looking wireless speaker design ever. Eye-catching and revolutionary, this piece resembles the style of the Marshall guitars and is powered on a Bluetooth 4.0 technology and AptX.

In the end, having a wireless speaker today is a real need. They can be paired with every device and taken anywhere – just like our powerful smartphones.