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We have to agree that whether we’re talking about a mobile operating system or a desktop operating system, it is not 100% bug-free. There are many variables involved and the developers of these operating systems will never be able to account for everything that may happen.

Unfortunately, Android OS is one of those operating systems that usually have a good amount of bugs. However, Google is well known for a company that works hard on its Android OS and this is the reason why most of the bugs are fixed very quickly.

The Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS had some serious memory leaks since 2015, when it was released. Unfortunately, this memory leak was not fixed until now, but according to the Android Issue Tracker, this issue has been closed and a fix for it will be released on a future version of the Android Marshmallow OS. For an average user, the memory leak may not be noticed, but we are pretty sure that the people who are using their devices to the maximum capacity have noticed the issue.

A memory leak is when your device will use more RAM while it is in use. This usually leads for the applications to be closed from the background much sooner than a user would want to. Keep in mind that while using more RAM, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will drain the battery life of your device, as not all memory leaks are the same.

We’re hoping that Google will finally release an update for the Android Marshmallow, which will fix all the major issues that this operating system has. However, we remind you that, this fall, the Android N OS will be released, which means that Google be focused more on optimizing this upcoming operating system.

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