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It seems that we got an early surprise for the E3 event this year! One source from GameStop announced that there was an important update for the internal data base of the store. The list of products was updated with a new model for the Xbox One, a 2 TB one. The price for the new update was set for 449 dollars and as it seems, there is a release date set for the 31st of December. Moreover, we can clearly see the year 2016 on the image with the products list, so perhaps we can rightly presume we will get the chance to enjoy this new product by the end of this year.

Sadly, there are no other additional details about this product, so we don’t really know what other updates it will bring besides a bigger drive. Microsoft refused to comment regarding any rumors or speculations about launching new versions or their products or even new products. Moreover, they haven’t released up until now a 2 TB Xbox One. Indeed, they do sell another version with 500 GB and one with 1 GB, even the Elite model. Initially it cost 500 dollars, but then they cut the prices and now you have to pay just 450. Anyway, you can always add an external hard drive to any of the available motives.

If this rumor is indeed true and we will get the chance to see the product at the E3, we might actually see another launching too: people say Microsoft is preparing a slimmer Xbox One and more streaming devices. You will be able to see the event on the June 13 live on GameSpot, together with many live blogs and other news as soon as they announce it.