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WhatsApp’s developers are continuously working on improving this application and most of the new features are firstly added to Android, the platform with the largest number of active users. In the past weeks, WhatsApp has evolved significantly compared to last year, receiving many useful features, but the developers will not stop until they will obtain the wanted result. Every now and then, they release new beta updates and today we will talk about version 2.16.118.

WhatsApp has now a new feature. Users are able to quote old messages and reply to them, and this new feature is available for both individual chats and groups. It’s not very complicated to use, as you will just select a certain message to quote (text or media message), you will long press on it and a pop-up window will appear at the top with Reply, Forward and Delete options.

Then, when selecting Reply, you will see a preview with the quoted message and you will enter the reply in a small box. Then, you will finish writing your text and you’ll hit Enter. Android Police has explained that “Once you’ve sent your reply, it will show up inside the conversation with the original quoted message attached on top of it, along with the sender’s color-coded name.” Also, for different participant in the group will be used different colors, and this will make easier for users to identify other participants more easily in group chats.

So, whenever you will need it, you’ll simply add context to a message, but in order to do that, you will need to download WhatsApp 2.16.118 from the Google Play store. We remind you that this is a beta update and if you encounter any bugs or issues, we suggest you to contact WhatsApp’s developers, so they can fix them. Soon, the aforementioned feature will make its way to iOS, but it’s not sure when that will happen. One of the upcoming features is GIF support, after the application has received the option to share PDF files and documents from Google Drive and OneDrive.