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It seems that Ubisoft has announced that all gamers that will be found using cheats will be permanently banned from the game. According to the French multinational video game developer and publisher, these bans were needed, as earlier, the two weeks ban that was firstly given to gamers who have been found using cheats, was not enough.

In other words, all gamers that will be found using third party software to either teleport, shoot through walls or exploit the game will be banned permanently without any prior notice. We remind you that Ubisoft has brought the same policy on gamers caught cheating in the Rainbow Six Siege game and it worked pretty well. The developer company has added that many “regular” players were quite annoyed when playing against gamers who were having a huge advantage by using software to cheat.

According to reports, the developers has deployed a server software that was able to interrogate computers, to see if the gamers were using cheating programs while playing The Division on PC. By doing this, over 30.000 accounts have been banned, 3.800 of them being permanently banned from the game.

Initially Ubisoft has tried to ban the cheaters for only 2 weeks, but soon, enough many users have criticized the company for this type of “short-term ban” policy, because many gamers ended up having high-end gear without struggling too much. This is when the guys from Ubisoft have realized than they need to permanently ban all cheaters. However, shorter bans will be added to the gamers who have exploited bugs for advantage.

What are your thoughts about the way Ubisoft has reacted to this situation? Do you think they’ve exaggerated? Have you ever been banned from “The Division” by cheating or by using an exploit in your advantage?