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For $125, you’ll get a six LP deluxe edition of the Fallout 4 official soundtrack containing 3,000 copies. So, if you want to enjoy listening to the sounds from your favorite game, Bethesda will sell this package on its online store and which will contain three gatefold jackets collected in one slipcover. Orders will be shipped to buyers starting from July 1.

Fallout 4 was released on November 10th, 2015, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and the protagonist is the Sole Survivor of Vault 111. The action takes places 210 years later after the Great War in one of the areas untouched by nuclear fallout, where inhabitants sought refuge in a shelter and they became subjects to a secret experiment. They were tricked to enter stasis pods for decontamination, but they’re put into cryogenic tubes by the Vault-Tec staff, who freeze them alive. Among them are the main character, his spouse, son and robotic butler, Codsworth.

After a while, they’re re-awakened by unknown people who murder his wife and kidnap his son. The protagonist escapes after attackers put him back into cryo-sleep and he realizes that he’s the only survivor of Vault 111. He will try to find his son with the help of Codsworth and outside, he will rescue Preston Garvey—one of the last of the Commonwealth Minutemen, who suggests him to travel to Diamond City, where they meet Piper, a reporter who tells them about the Institute, a secretive organization that kidnaps people from their homes and replaces them with synths. After getting to Diamond City, things complicate, as the detective that the player is supposed to find is kidnapped and instead, he finds the sophisticated biomechanical android that takes the place of Nick Valentine. From him, our protagonist discovers the name of his wife’s killer – Conrad Kellogg. It will be very hard to track him down, and there are four possible endings, depending on player’s decisions in the game.

Players who want to purchase the deluxe edition of the Fallout 4’s official soundtrack will preorder it from Bethesda’s online store. “This collection includes over 3.5 hours of Fallout music on six LPs in three full-color gatefold jackets, all housed in a full color heavy board-stock slipcover” is written in the description of the product that costs $125. “Far Harbor” is the latest DLC released for this game, but it came with some serious issues on PS 4 and Bethesda has provided a solution without having to push out a patch. Players just have to re-download Far Harbor DLC and all problems are gone.

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