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Yesterday, Microsoft released an early version of Minecraft: Education Edition for educators which will give them the chance to test out this version for free until the end of summer. The edition comes with features that were proven to enhance learning environments.

However, prior to the release of Minecraft: Education Edition, Microsoft shipped it to over 100 schools in May but at that point, it could not be accessed.

Here are some of the useful classroom features we can expect from Minecraft: Education Edition:

  • efficient classroom collaboration that allows up to 30 students to work together in pairs or groups and join each other’s worlds.
  • students can use the camera and portfolio features that enable them to take pictures of their assignments and homework and keep track of their projects.
  • educators can create a non player avatar that can guide the students in the game. They will also be able to insert active web links for students to access.
  • chalkboards can be used by educators for writing various instructions needed to complete tasks, or assign certain problems to be solved by the students within the game. They are available in three sizes: Slate, Poster and Board and they can be mounted on a vertical surface or just placed on the ground.
  • Support for single sign in so there will be no need to enter account or password information every time a lesson starts.

… And many other fun features that the students will enjoy.

Other features that Microsoft will be working on in implementing into Minecraft: Education Edition in the future are: a chat window for communication between users, a classroom mode and teleport capabilities.

If you want to know more about Minecraft: Education Edition or just download it for free and see how it works you can get from the official site.