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Bethesda has finally brought the Fallout 4 MODS to the Xbox One console. This means that MODS are no longer exclusive for Windows PC and the Xbox one gamers can now brings improvements to the open-world RPG game without paying anything else.

However, it seems that there are already some bad guys in the community which have already stolen MODS that have been created by other users. These stolen MODS have been uploaded by thieves, who claimed that they have created them.

We have seen many reports about the MODS stealing that are happening right now. According to a Reddit post, several users are taking mods (or parts of them), from the PC version of the Fallout 4 and upload them into the Creation Kit for the Xbox One, without giving credit to the original creators of the MODS.

Bethesda has already been informed about this and the company will take these reports of stealing very seriously and it will look to protect the rights of the original MOD authors. At the same time, the company has asked the mod creators that have noticed that their work has been stolen to file a takedown request under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

There are a good amount of users who are very happy about how Bethesda has reacted, but it seems that there are lots of requirements needed to file DMCA takedown requests and it might be quite difficult to complete.

If you didn’t try the Fallout 4 MODS on your Xbox One yet, we suggest you to test them out, as a good amount of them come with lots of interesting stuff that you might like. We also have a guide about how to install a Fallout 4 MOD on your Xbox One console and you can read about it here.

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