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Bethesda has finally released their Far Harbor DLC for their popular Fallout game. While the expansion features new characters, quests, weapons and enemies, some seem to rag on it because of its performance, particularly on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, the game seems to perform well on Microsoft’s console.

Far Harbor has received some good reviews from those who have tried it. Andrew Webster, in a review for The Verge, writes that the DLC “pulled me right back into Fallout 4.” He also describes the expansion as one that’s big enough to get lost in for hours, but not that large that it feels daunting. He continues to explain that it has everything gamers want: inventive new quests, an engaging story and horrifying new monstrosities. For a very radiated island, Webster says that it is inviting.

But while the game has received good reviews, other gamers are taking issue with its performance on Xbox One and PS4. The game experiences fluctuation in frame rates, particularly in the new woodlands area. Users are reporting that the game runs at 20 frames per second rather than the usual 30 frames per second, particularly on the PS4 – it can even reach as low as 15 fps. In fact, they call the fluctuation an issue that would be noticeable even to the most casual gamer.

Although the Xbox One does feature frame loss, they aren’t as severe as those observed on the PS4. The Xbox is able to run the game at a higher refresh rate which helps the game run more smoothly. Although the glitches are not ideal, it is still better than other consoles.

This news is unexpected as many expected this game to perform well on the PS4 as it was seen as the best console to play Fallout 4 on. However, this didn’t seem to be the case in the earlier comparisons as the PS4 seemed to do better than the Xbox when it came to gameplay. Also, gamers using Xbox One can also get their hands on various mods thanks to the active modding community for Bethesda games.

Then again, despite the flaws with Far Harbor’s frame rate, it is still considered a worthwhile expansion to Fallout 4. A lot of those who have reviewed the game seem to have a positive experience. For those who have tried the post-apocalyptic game, you might want to check out these tips and tricks.