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Square Enix will release Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on August 23 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which will be the sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which was launched five years ago. The first game was set in the year 2027, while the action in the sequel takes place two years later, when mechanically augmented humans lose control and start attacking “normal” people. Breach mode will be the new addition that will allow players to control a software avatar called Ripper (hacker) and obtain and sell classified information about corporations.

First of all, take a look at the trailer for the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and get an idea of how the world looks like two years later after mechanically augmented citizens from all across the globe are stripped of control over their minds and bodies, chaos is installed and millions of innocents lose their minds:

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the mechanically augmented protagonist was Adam Jensen, who worked for the Chief of Security for the biotechnology company Sarif Industries and got severely injured after terrorists attack the headquarters from Detroit. He had to replace some parts of his body in order to save his life, receiving advanced prostheses and internal organ systems. He returned to work and tried to find those who were responsible for the attack and two years later (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided) he joined forces with Task Force 29, to catch augmented terrorists.

Now, Adam Jensen is armed and dangerous, but he needs to be careful whom to trust, because there’s a worldwide conspiracy and it won’t be easy to defeat the system. His new weapons are gun-arm augmentations called the Tesla, the Nanoblade and the PEPS and he’s protected by the Titan shield.

Mankind Divided – Breach will be the new mode which will introduce new challenges and features every now and then. “In addition to being a new visual approach for the players, the Breach mode broadens the lore of the Deus Ex universe,” said David Anfossi, Head of Studio at Eidos-Montréal. This mode will provide “a connected puzzle shooter experience”, where players will get their hands on classified corporate data by infiltrating secure servers and they will sell it in order to complete challenges and to earn credits and booster packs that are needed to tackle the more difficult servers.